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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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39 minutes ago, thommo2010 said:

I went to my childs nativity yesterday, sat in the hall and all the doors and windows were open. I was sat in a fleece and it was freezing, I felt sorry the kids in their costumes that were pretty thin and if this is what is they are putting up with every day it is no wonder kids are coming home with colds etc. to be honest I am still pretty angry about it but not exactly much you can do about it.

This is a joke though. Absolute lunacy.

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25 minutes ago, James Blonde said:

The worst bit is that you know any day now we're going to have the first confirmed case of Omicron on the island (although the probability is that it's already here) and we're going to see the usual doom and gloom mongers bursting into action once again demanding border closures, lockdowns and whatever else they've dreamt up. 

Inboxes of MHKs will be pinging to life and Facebook will once again be filled with their diatribe and scaremongering. 

Why isn't there a yawn emoji for this site? 

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5 minutes ago, thommo2010 said:

ok take away colds then but my point stands sitting in freezing conditions all day isn't good

On the bright side: At least when they turn into grumpy middle aged people they will have their own hardship narrative with which to castigate future young. A tale of how hard they had it - because for a few weeks they had to have the windows open. They will probably remember it as always being like that.

My school used to get fumigated in the winter - or something like that. I wonder whether anyone else remembers that stuff. Probably some kind of awful chemical.

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17 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

No you’re ridiculous trolly interpretation of the facts I posted led you to wrongly claim that. 

You’re just a troll so best ignore to be honest. Thanks. I’m not sure how pointing out reality and validating it with actual photographic evidence is in anyway anti mask. I’ve not at any point advocated not wearing a mask, just pointed out that the reality is that not as many people as some report here are wearing masks.

One of many from last week claiming very few wearing masks, along with photos of mannequins & others about a queue outside a chippy😂

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16 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

You’re just a troll. Switched your arguments on the borders just to troll from the opposite direction. Nobody is interested.

Borders & face masks are 2 different things !! So now you’re denying you said no one was wearing masks? 
don’t worry you’re side kick Ramsey Boi will be along soon to support your agenda 😂

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