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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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10 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

So Ethnic groups in the UK such as those from an African background are more susceptible to catching the virus (Omicron), according to ICL and Neil Ferguson.

But ...

The Africans themselves (South Africans) reported milder & less devastating cases because they might have had better immunity though their vaccination levels which were painfully shy of the UK numbers at the time the new strain appeared? 

Confused? Concerned by the 'experts'?

You should be .....

It will be like the early days of HIV. They’ll be claiming that we have a virus that just badly affects gay people shortly. All of this is so speculative with a strong leaning towards painting the worst possible picture to frighten people with. 

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2 hours ago, Pipsqueak said:

so why don't all the official medical experts  advising government agree with each other?  one would assume they all have the same official statistics to arrive at expert conclusions from. 

Science is not a digital subject. Views are subjective though but without clear right or wrong. 

Thats always been my excuse when I am wrong anyway!

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3 hours ago, Gladys said:

No, not saying that at all, but arguing that because she has a PhD in an unrelated area means that she can't be criticised for an opinion on everything else is barmy.  That was my point. 


How is he Ph.D unrelated seems very related to me 

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20 hours ago, Ramseyboi said:


A couple of them who unfortunately would have probably died in the last two years anyway have died, and one who might have otherwise been OK got COVID and went into Noble’s - then died from complications from getting MRSA.

So you know three people who have died.

I don't see that as "all good in the hood".

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21 minutes ago, alpha-acid said:

How is he Ph.D unrelated seems very related to me 

The quoted post was about the role of a politician and who they should listen to,  not about the virus.  If it was about the virus, then the PhD is highly relevant, but it was about what MHKs should do.

Her opinion on that is not backed by her PhD, unless she has one in politics or constitutional law,  although it is as valid an opinion as anyone else's (and as Declan says is probably right). 

But you piled in asking for the critical poster's qualifications in microbiology.  It was unnecessary and not relevant.  Just because Dr G has a PhD does not mean that her opinions on other things are unquestionable.  

The point Petefella was making, I think,  was something of the irony in a post about vocal groups on social media by someone who is also vocal on that platform.  It was not questioning her qualifications. 


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28 minutes ago, Ramseyboi said:

I know of three people who died who would have been dead by now anyway.

It's so sheight how people always seem to know about 3 or 4 people who support their anecdotal evidence.

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