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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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1 hour ago, Asthehills said:

There are loads of people with colds at them moment as you would expect, and I know quite a few who have done the LFTs but none who have tested positive.

Has it just gone away?  I know I was getting dirty looks for having a cough the last few days to such an extent that I felt obliged to stay home a lot more than I needed to.

Are we hopeful that it just doesn’t become a concern this winter?

It's still about, but fewer people testing, nobody reporting, etc. The population ought to have a decent level of protection now, natural or otherwise, so we're probably not a huge way away from "normal". I'll be testing before family events over the winter period, vulnerable family etc, but otherwise business as usual. If you feel like arse, don't do avoidable trips out.

That said, when I had covid I tested negative for the first 3 days anyway, despite feeling pretty miserable. By the time I tested positive I was on the mend. Knew it was Covid because the person I caught it off was testing positive, but the LFTs are certainly more of a confirmation than a diagnostic.

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Just now, Roxanne said:

Just reported on radio 4 that U.K. infections are up by 1/3 this week. No one seems to know why. 

After a week or so of a significant temperature drop where people will be gathering inside more? It's a mystery!

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7 minutes ago, wrighty said:

A couple of weeks after schools returned?

Looks like it.  According to the latest Infection Survey (pub 23 Sep):

In the week ending 14 September 2022, the percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in England increased in those in School Year 7 to School Year 11 and those aged 25 to 34 years. For all other age groups, the trend was uncertain in the most recent week.

Presumably the latest info is from the Survey that will published officially tomorrow.

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I really didn’t realise people were still testing, but felt awful so figured I should do one for other peoples benefit.

So since that now seems to be an ingrained behaviour I hadn’t realised I had picked up can we still get free tests to use as and when we feel ill or is it a no because so many people stockpiled them.

I am only talking about a bit of leave of mind if going to a crowded event and having symptoms like I do this week, not routine testing and stress just a bit of thought for others.  If people have to pay I guess they won’t bother

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4 hours ago, Roxanne said:

Just reported on radio 4 that U.K. infections are up by 1/3 this week. No one seems to know why. 

That's what I heard - I think it said hospital admissions were up due to Covid. 

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The independent review into the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic will begin next month. Chair Kate Brunner KC visited the Isle of Man last week with her team for a familiarisation week ahead of evidence gathering.

Unlike a statutory inquiry that would gather evidence by way of public hearings, the methodology for independent reviews is entirely flexible. 

Reviews generally use a wide range of methods of evidence gathering and don’t usually follow the format of court-like hearings. 

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