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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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Can you guys start a separate thread titled "Jersey is ace - oh no it isn't" and leave this one to a discussion on IOM and the coronavirus?

...and I so wanted a long illustrious career at the DHSC   I run my own company so my involvement with the DHSC to set up and keep the COVID19 lab running wasn't exactly in the professional caree

I'll put a big disclaimer here that I'm not the person who decides who gets tested and when.  Saying that, I am a scientist who understands that if you test someone on the day they arrive and the

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8 minutes ago, Banker said:

Not in the Isle of Man it isn’t so face masks are not needed 

It's recommended by IOMG for those who have passed their Covid test but yet to complete their 14 day self - isolation.

Eminently sensible - for those who understand what sensible means that is....


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46 minutes ago, Utah 01 said:

With Crankie in charge they have every right to be.

Actually, Wee Nicky is doing a grand job for Scotland at this moment, much better than that collective bunch of jokers they call a "government" down in Westminster?

Trip to Durham anyone?

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32 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

You seem to be arguing with the facebook mob via a different medium. As if we are all somehow responsible 

He seems to be arguing for arguing sake...

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53 minutes ago, Banker said:

This will get the close the borders mob going when students return for Xmas !!!


Listen to what she says.

Generally speaking, I would say students are the most irresponsible group at the moment, They'll be back for Christmas. Followed by a big spike in cases.

(anyone want to bet against that?)

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