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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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15 hours ago, piebaps said:

It's actually a pretty poor plan, because it's reactive rather than pro-active and basing it on 7- rather than 3-day averages just makes things worse because it automatically introduces further delay before action is taken.  If they had operated like this in the Spring, then the virus wouldn't have been eliminated from the Island and we wouldn't enjoy any of the freedoms we have.

The way you deal with a pandemic is to react quickly and strongly.  So if a cluster is found you test and test again, as many people as you can, and get everyone even remotely involved isolating at least at first.  You let the public know quickly and comprehensively, so they can react accordingly.  You don't just sit around hoping things wll get better and the virus will go away if you ignore it.

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1 hour ago, Apple said:

I reckon Barber, Shimmins and Robertshaw all know full well what is going on and what is driving the agenda, and where is comes from.

This is pure politics in my view, all jockeying fro position for next years votes (although speculation Robertson may not stand again.) Some writing their own legacy whilst they can. 

Note to add - they all main about information to themselves but not really about informing the public. And Shimmins talks about his contributing to a climate of fear arising from that.

Speaking to them and other MHKs it’s clear no one knows what’s going on other than a small cabal & cabinet office.

Howie has no plan & that’s becoming clearer every time he speaks. As mentioned previously nearly every country including Guernsey has a traffic light system with increased testing for ALL arrivals but not us!!

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6 minutes ago, horatiotheturd said:

Long covid isn't anywhere near 10% of people who have contra Ted the virus when you take info account that most never know and so never show in stats

BMJ article I quoted details the situation as:

"Around 10% of patients who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus remain unwell beyond three weeks, and a smaller proportion for months"

There are others who are positive but not tested, and they would not be in the set considered in BMJ data. Also, idea such people do not/will not experience long-term symptoms and increase in prevalence of other health conditions only time will tell. The long-term effects, whether (or not) tested, we just do not know and will not for some time. 




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1 hour ago, Declan said:

1. Exactly. That's why those that can be vaccinated should be. It's harder for the virus to spread if there are 800 unvaccinated people than if there 80,000.

2. But he's still in the group of people you would leave unvaccinated.

3. That's all right then - let some people suffer it.

1. Ashy said on the radio this morning that Iom will get around 100,000 doses. Enough to vaccinate around 50,000 people, by around next summer/ autumn. I'll let you do the maths.

2. He was high risk. He would have been vaccinated. However, having already recovered from the virus, he does not require a vaccination. 

3. There will always be casualties. 

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There's no way in hell they'd be bringing in a lockdown now, there's simply no good reason to, unless they're about to reveal a big community spread.

Though, given the New Rules On Isolation, and the fact that families are far more likely to mingle with the isolators and contract it, there could be a bit of a different approach being brought in. The new rules mean that quite easily, person A could come home asymptomatic, pass the virus to person B, who doesn't develop symptoms until they've been quite merrily enjoying their freedom after 14 days.

Possibly a recommendation of face coverings and 1m+ social distancing, not as there's any immediate risk but to get people ready for the influx of people over Christmas, and the greater risk that could pose.

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