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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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27 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

If it is a legal requirement yes, if not, no.

Thanks for answering, I will have it when offered as I want to get back traveling and think the reward far outweighs the risk at my age. If I was under 35 I think I would think more than twice though.

13 minutes ago, Banker said:

Also free flu jabs for over 50s in uk, don’t suppose we will follow suit as it would not be a Manx solution!


So @Banker will you be taking the covid jab?

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Can you guys start a separate thread titled "Jersey is ace - oh no it isn't" and leave this one to a discussion on IOM and the coronavirus?

It's a safe place right now because of the Manx people, not the Manx politicians. None of us want to be "the person who brought it back" so we isolate and make sure we don't transmit the virus by bein

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Just now, ellanvannin2010 said:

Thanks for answering, I will have it when offered as I want to get back traveling and think the reward far outweighs the risk at my age. If I was under 35 I think I would think more than twice though.

So @Banker will you be taking the covid jab?

Yes obviously but in view of age and no underlying health conditions I won’t be near top, probably have the flu jab if free like UK & CI for over 50s but not keen on paying for it !!

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16 minutes ago, Kopek said:

Do you mean those who can pay, should pay?  Or those who can pay after those who are vulneranbe and cannot pay should get it?

Surely, if you do not want to wait for the potentially free jab that seems to have appeared for over 50s and do not qualify for the free option for vulnerable people you can just pay. They must know how roughly how many under 65s qualify for free jabs and normally take it up so will have ordered sufficient for that

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5 hours ago, Banker said:

Another 2 cases, Facebook karens & some on here will be in meltdown 😂

Well if the official press release is to be believed:

Two new cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the Isle of Man. It brings the number of active cases on the Island to 11.

Both individuals were already self-isolating for 14 days, having recently travelled to the Island.

Contact tracing has been completed.

(yes that's all of it) it shouldn't be that worrying.  The trouble is what you can believe.  There was a rather worrying note at the end of a report on a jury trial that ended today:

The jury had been reduced to six after one member last night went into self-isolation when a member of their household tested positive for Covid.

This can't be from the cases announced today, so it must be from the two that Quayle announced yesterday:

Since I last spoke to you a week ago, we have identified three new cases of COVID-19.

The first of these I announced on Tuesday and the most recent two were identified late yesterday evening.

All three cases are close contacts of people who tested positive for the virus last week and so are part of the existing cluster.

As these individuals were, last week, identified as being at a high risk of contracting the virus through contact tracing, they were already self-isolating for fourteen days.

All three people became symptomatic in recent days during their isolation and contacted the COVID 111 service to request a test.

So it looks like they let the juror go into the trial on Thursday, even though they knew there was someone else in the household who had a symptomatic case of Covid.

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2 hours ago, pongo said:

People here have got much more money on average, so it doesn't need to be free for everyone.

And the pensioners are the richest, should be free for all or all pay according to means and this should be applied to prescription & tv license 

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2 hours ago, NoTail said:

I think I we get another 4 or 5 cases next week then we can assume its in the community now. If that were to happen the Government response will be very interesting to watch. I still think we could do better tracing.

Not necessarily.  The important thing is how those cases have occurred.  If they are people who have come from the UK and genuinely self-isolated, then it's fine and exactly what you would expect given the high numbers there.  In some ways it should be higher, because we should be testing during isolation and that would pick up the cases that are asymptomatic.

The real problem is whether there is in-community spread (or the potential for it) and how the government deals with the odd case when it arises.  This needs swift, strong action and complete honesty about what has happened and what is known (including, indeed especially, the willingness to say "We don't know yet").  Judging by what we can work out by reading between the lines (as I did in my previous comment) I'm not sure we will get much of any of that.

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