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IOM Covid removing restrictions


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1 hour ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

If this was a political thing, with the scary new strain being overblown, nowhere else would be banning travel from the UK.


1 hour ago, pongo said:



1 hour ago, slinkydevil said:

It's all part of the Illuminati plan innit?


20 minutes ago, The Phantom said:

The fact that the UK has just been effectively shut out of Europe just as the Brexit negotiations are all going to shit, seems like a convenient coincidence.


Let me quote what Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has just written in regard to this matter:

Emmanuel Macron’s ban on lorries entering France wins the prize for the most pointless political gesture since the onset of this pandemic. The mutant strain B.1.1.7 is already all over Europe.

British scientists spotted it early and have tracked it in real-time because the UK has carried out almost as much genome sequencing of Covid-19 as the rest of the world combined. Harvard epidemiologist William Hanage says the UK has the most advanced genomic monitoring regime on the planet.

Denmark is one of the few other states in Europe that also does extensive and rapid sequencing. Lo and behold, the Danes have found the same mutation. Many countries do little or no genomic sequencing at all.

It stretches credulity to imagine that a variant picked up in samples as far back as September is not already rampant in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and indeed France. It had months to run when borders were wide open, long before the second lockdowns.

The spectacle of Britain cut off from the world as a leper-state in viral quarantine is unlikely to last more than a few days.

[. . .] Christian Drosten, Angela’s Merkel’s pandemic guru, says the mutation is almost certainly spreading in Germany already and he is sceptical about the data interpretation by Prof Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial. “I am not particularly worried,” he told Deutschlandfunk, taking a gentle swipe at headline bio-hysteria.

[. . .] Prof Andreas Bergthaler from the Austrian Academy of Sciences is equally sceptical, playing down what he called “insane alarmism” and insisting that it is still too early to know whether the new strain fundamentally changes the pathogen.

Please note that the fact that I felt about quoting him on this matter does not mean that I agree with his other views on economics etc, which I sometimes find a bit outlandish. However, it doesn't take much to figure out what he writes on the above. It is my firm opinion that this strain is nothing peculiar or consequential within the great picture of Covid-19. And that Boris Johnson's motivations are just as political as Macron's.

I also find some of you as naive: taking at face value whatever the government present you with.

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5 minutes ago, Black Mirror said:

I also find some of you as naive: taking at face value whatever the government present you with.

I think it's naive to follow all the conspiracy theories. Look at flat earthers. Pick up a HAM radio and you can readily disprove it.

Occam's razor is a magical thing. Simplest explanation usually hits the nail on the head. Tory incompetence.

If you can hardly get a bin from the local council, then you'd be hard pressed to expect some fundamental global conspiracy kept under wraps by the sorts of middle management that run government behind the scenes.

Countries like Russia and the DPRK would jump at the opportunity to be able to point out that the West were making it all up.

And realistically, if you were as close as you thought to some conspiracy that existed, you wouldn't hear everyone singing about it on Facebook for very long.

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11 minutes ago, trench12 said:

Travelled off island a couple of times, on return got phone call after each trip and visit on one occaision.

next door neighbour has been away twice, no phone call, no visit

seems a bit lax and shambolic given the numbers of returnees and staff they have available


Didn't many of the tracers employed in UK only work 1% of the time.

This working from home is a nice little doddle.

Every time I phone up my bank, insurance etc I am sure the home workers are watching a Netflx,and just waiting until the end of the film before they get off the settee and answer the fucking phone.

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13 minutes ago, Black Mirror said:

That is what I said with my last two postings, that what is happening in the UK is not peculiar; and I got accused of being a conspiracy theorist!

It's not uncommon for viruses to mutate, but when they mutate to become significantly different to what they were before, that's the concern. Why would Boris try and segregate the UK from Europe? Surely, it wouldn't come from within if that was the plan.

The problem last time was they left doing anything til the horse hadn't just bolted, but had gone off for an adventure abroad.

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