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IOM Covid removing restrictions

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We can confirm that this morning, Tuesday 5 January 2021, we were advised that an Isle of Man based member of staff has tested positive for COVID-19.
Following the confirmation, established protocols were put into action and a number of staff have been advised to leave the office and work from home for a period of initially 14 days as a precaution. The office is closed to members of the public until further notice.
The Government Track and Trace team have been contacting any individuals who have been in close contact with the staff member to advise of any other specific individual actions that may need to be taken.
We continue to follow government guidance across our locations. Due to our contingency planning staff were able to quickly move to work from home, having already done so for a period earlier last year. Staff remain dedicated to providing the excellent support clients can expect from Nedbank Private Wealth.
The wellbeing of our staff, clients and the Island community remains our priority and we wish our staff member well for a speedy recovery.
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13 minutes ago, pongo said:

I was broadly in favour of some kind of a short lockdown.

You might get it. Tune in at 4pm following the emergency comin meeting happening right now.

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Just now, thommo2010 said:

The way I am reading a lot of things on line people seem to think that this vaccine will be the end of covid. People do realise even with the vaccine people will still get it, get sick and die?

Correct, people die for all sorts of reasons, but it feels as though the public perception of death through this virus is that it is more preventable than others and in someway wrong/different to the raft of other causes of death, whereas the reality is that the real issue is our NHS’s unpreparedness to deal with an influx of cases. The issue post vaccine should be investing in the NHS’s capacity to deal with excess cases caused by future pandemics as the current situation (especially in the UK) is not sustainable.

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9 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

If this runs rampant our top brass will be facing some very difficult questions on a number of levels.

Is Paul going to get his mates in?

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6 minutes ago, Banker said:

Do you want a bet?

What are you? 12? There's not going to be a lockdown announced today, but I'm pretty sure they'll be announcing a few cases and some kind of small changes to the approach. 

Edit - oh and as I posted the the announcement came through of 6 cases.

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3 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

If this runs rampant our top brass will be facing some very difficult questions on a number of levels.

We had it in hand, under control and we got sloppy. Letting people come and go for all sorts of tenuous reasons without a rigorous (and applicable) testing and monitoring regime. People couldn't be relied on to self-isolate or observe the rules of their own volition, they never can (jetski man), they're too accustomed to their freedoms or "it doesn't apply to me".

We should have set up an isolation quarter for incoming people. Mount Murray again if necessary. You come in, you stay here for two weeks+. Under observation. Sounds draconian but it was the only way.

It was no good letting them mingle and THEN jailing them, if they were ever caught at all.

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