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Albert Tatlock

Facebook User Warning - "Off-Facebook Activity" Data Collection

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FYI - Facebook introduced a new feature in their Feb update that collects all kinds of data on your phone, regardless of whether you are using Facebook at the time or not. It is quite insidious, seemingly collecting all kinds of information from sites you have visited - reportedly including banking data.

If you want to see just what data has been collected from various sites you have visited even when not on facebook you can review the following settings, as well as being able to turn it off using this guide: https://www.facebook.com/help/1224342157705160?helpref=faq_content

Viewing the history of this feature makes quite worrying reading. Be interested to know if others find it quite worrying too?



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I just had a glance through it and yes I do find that very concerning given that most of these sites have nothing to do with my Facebook account and I do not log into them using it. I'd be interested to see the same for Google and whether we can switch that off too. I may just stop using Google.

Very ironic and amusing that Infowars.com has supplied Facebook with data of me visiting their site, thus proving they are full of sh1t. I only visited it after Austin, Texas, made public wearing of face masks mandatory and was curious if Alex Jones, who lives there, would do some comedy video about it.

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