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2 hours ago, Zorg said:

No, I have a 3rd choice. Imma go flush my iPhone down the toilet.

You should certainly get off the internet. But given that your mum worked hard to pay for that phone it would probably be nicer to sell it and give her the money.

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Personally I don't care whether I'm tracked by Google or the Chinese govt. And, let's be honest, they've done a great job lifting almost a 1/3 of the world's population out of poverty over the past century or so.

The evangelical freedom wonks are wrong. Healthcare and not starving is more important than abstract Swiftian concepts of liberalism.

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2 hours ago, finlo said:

Do you think your conversations, texts, e-mail etc is private now?

I think that SMS is never private. I think that email is generally not private (although given my personal interest in security, I've enabled TLS for my email domain, so at least my emails aren't transmitted via plaintext to people who similarly have enabled TLS).

I do, however, have confidence in the security and privacy of my conversations on Signal, Whatsapp, and other properly encrypted channels.

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