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Turning left off Glencrutchery Road into Ballaquayle Road!

Max Power

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1 hour ago, Max Power said:

He's obviously the wrong man for the job, particularly on an island which relies on motorsport so heavily! He sounds like someone who finds it easier to say no than to find ways around problems? I can now understand that department a lot better.

In these days of sueing if you stub your toe saying no is the safe option

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And now they have smelt the coffee and realised that they've made an absolute clusterfuck out of this, they are now going to pay a gang overtime at stupid rates to make alterations - come on Mr Robinson, do us all a favour and quit. Why isn't anyone holding this clown to account? How much taxpayers money - OUR MONEY - has he spunked away since being in post on stupidity?


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6 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

Err, he had a bleed on his brain while he was driving, hardly something to be prosecuted for. He's still not well.

Not defending Kopek, but he talking about a different thing entirely. He is talking about the fatal with the bin Lordy and biker I think

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38 minutes ago, Butterflies said:

So what are we supposed to do?? If using the cycle lane for going straight, then the lights change???

Three FM mention a government statement but don’t provide a link to it, so now people are going to be riding through a red light because of their daft headline. 

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6 minutes ago, Terminal said:

Three FM mention a government statement but don’t provide a link to it, so now people are going to be riding through a red light because of their daft headline. 

We'll probably never know.  Government communications are only available for the right people - they don't want the plebs finding out about things that affect them.  The days when all news releases went on the feed is long gone.  As for social media that is very patchy.  It's rather telling that there are no links to Twitter, Facebook etc from the Media Centre page.

The only official thing about the cock-up at St Ninians is hidden at the end of a long Facebook post from the DoI about the mess-up at the other end of Glencrutchery Road only posted a couple of hours ago:


Work will take place overnight on additional traffic management measures designed to ease the flow of traffic in the area of Governor’s Dip and Glencrutchery Road, Douglas.

Alterations will be made following a review of the changes which have been in place since Monday 15 June to accommodate Douglas Promenade being one-way north-bound between Victoria Road and Summerhill.

Lining work will take place between 10pm and 6am, and motorists are asked to drive with extra consideration between these times in order to protect workers.

Once complete, the temporary measures will remain in place until the Promenade returns to two-way traffic in early September.

Along with improved road markings and signage, the main change for motorists will see a 20mph speed limit introduced between the Gate House at Government House and Third Avenue.

As the roundabout at the top of Victoria Road is not currently being used, south-bound traffic will continue to travel straight through the junction to Glencrutchery Road, while a left-hand filter lane will serve those wishing to approach Douglas from Victoria Road.

A stop sign is now in place at the top of Victoria Road and motorists wishing to travel from Victoria Road towards Onchan are required to go straight on towards the temporary north-bound lane at Governor’s Dip.

Motorists travelling north will no longer be able to turn right into Victoria Road.

Traffic light timings have been increased at St Ninian’s crossroads to help traffic turning left, towards Broadway. Cyclists using the temporary bus/cycle lane and who wish to proceed straight on at St Ninian’s crossroads must not wait in this lane.

The new layout will continue to be monitored while road users become used to the changes, and will be subject to further review if deemed necessary.

Motorists are asked to be patient and allow extra time for journeys.

A reduced version went on Twitter (with nothing about St Ninians) which I link only because of the appropriate responses made.

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