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Rashford plays a blinder!

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What an impressive performance from the Manchester United forward from Wythenshawe!  Totally outplayed his opponent to secure a fantastic win!!

Remember when the Premier League was postponed as COVID-19 took hold in the UK?  Remember when Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) went on the attack against the "big-money" Premier League stars telling them that they needed to take a significant pay cut.  Remember when the Premier League players called that out by establishing that they were already in discussions to donate a significant percentage of their earnings to the NHS?


Fast forward to this week and a young forward from Manchester has left this Government on its backside as he secured funding for free school meals, via a voucher scheme, for millions of children all over the UK.  Not only that but this young forward, who himself grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet, has helped raise £20 million through Fare Share to feed children all over the UK.



Typically, a certain group of people have blamed the parents saying that they should assess if they can afford having a child or not.  This totally ignore the fact that life can be unpredictable.  Relationships can fail, partners can pass away unexpectedly and there is no guarantee that you have a job for life and as a result families may suddenly see a significant drop in their income.  Katie Hopkins lunged in on this matter and Patrick Van Aanholt and Manchester City  put the boot in on her response to Rashford's victory.   https://talksport.com/football/717730/patrick-van-aanholt-katie-hopkins-marcus-rashford-campaign/

Perhaps now the media can stop comparing the wages of professional footballers with those of NHS Nurses and start comparing the wages of Politicians with NHS Nurses.  After all footballers are paid via privately owned businesses whereas Nurses and Politicians are both paid out of public money.


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Well done to the boy Rashford; he played well for the full ninety minutes, creating space and opportunities, delivered quality into the box and was dangerous at set pieces etc.

No seriously he is to be applauded. But before everyone gets carried away; part of the problem here that's not being recognised, is that kids are just not eating school meals, even when they're provided free. At home and in school, kids are self-determining their own diet from a very young age, and choosing to eat what they like rather than what's good for them. Check out any food outlet near a school and you'll see armies of kids loading up with sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks etc for the day. This is not news and we've known it for a long time, but it seems to have been forgotten in the narrative about Marcus and the free school meals story. 

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