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Federal prosecutors to testify on political influence in Barr's Justice Department

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Once again in the US, a legitimate investigation into wrongdoing by a very senior member of the American Government, the Attorney General William Barr, (a republican sycophant appointed by 'the Chump') is being totally sidelined by GOP members, intent on taking the focus off the real concern, basically....lawlessness.  

I can only really honestly describe  these GOP members sitting on this enquiry as being the original 'Rednecks'. In fact I'm amazed they don't appear in the chamber toting their double barrel 12 bore shotguns and, obviously the must have long mindless 'Southern Drawl'. 

This is just a total embarrassment  for all that countries  'honest' lawmakers.

Legitimate question here: Have all Trump supporters, including those in government been given some kind of exotic 'compliance' pharmacutical?

Because that's really the only acceptable reason for such an enormous ridiculing toward the long established laws promulgated in their 'Declaration of Independence' 

How long does the fiasco that is 'Trump', causing this otherwise great country so much international embarrassment going to continue, before any honest GOP people, and there must be some?!, stand up and say....'Enough is Enough'.....finally.


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Trump has dirt on all of the republican party, sourced from the russians. Lady G of South Carolina is a prime example, but it'll be the same for all of them. The russians didn't just hack the DNC.

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