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He did a great job with Ireland.  He put them on the map really and whilst the style of football wasn't for the purists they had great spirit and left everything on the pitch for him.  Can't ask much more than that.

Was it him that got the lads to do the Harry Ramsden challenge?:lol:

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19 hours ago, quilp said:


A short read on Jack the Lad. As the title says, "Good Job Jack Came Before Cancel Culture."

To be honest, I think that article does him a disservice. From what I've seen he was a skilled enough defender to have handled the modern game - he wouldn't have been dirty, he would have been effective under the prevailing rules.

As a manager, he did great things with Ireland's limited resources. People have drawn parallels between the pressing of defenders his  attackers did to Jurgan Klopp's teams.

Yeah, he was a product of his times, but he was amiable intelligent and skillful enough to be successful in other times. A modern Jack Charlton wouldn't have anything to fear from cancel culture.


16 hours ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Great read that Quilp. Where are all the supposed football fans on this thread ? A poor showing for a genuine legend...

Bit before my time as player tbh. I only remember Peters and Ball from the team of 66 still having stickers in my first Panini album*. And vaguely remember them making a big deal about Bobby Moore playing in a cup final for Fulham, but I hadn't heard of Fulham let alone their players.

Do you think playing for that Leeds has harmed his reputation? Worth remembering also he was the only really successful manager out of the class of '66.

I did hear a good story though. Apparently, in pubs all over Ireland there are framed cheques signed by Jack Charlton. In his heyday as manager he'd go in a pub buy a round for everyone, and pay by cheque knowing that it'd never be cashed.




* Team not squad

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9 minutes ago, Declan said:

he wouldn't have been dirty,

He played for Leeds!!

He was Ireland manager at USA 94, which was a great tournament at a great time in my life. Ray Houghton scored against Italy. Can't not like Jack based on that tournament alone.

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7 hours ago, Declan said:


As a manager, he did great things with Ireland's limited resources. 

Bit of a common misconception. Have a look at Ireland team from Italia 90. Far better than England's on paper, with a less agricultural uncultural manager they may have even won it. The best irish team ever

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1 hour ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Thanks Teapot. Loved that last image of Jack's dog looking across the river. How did Liverpool eventually finish up this season ?

Ah they did alright :)

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