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13 hours ago, Manx Bean said:

Well, the Requisition Meeting was predictable really. No real stars to speak of, although its fair to say that Tony Allen, Michael Josem and Clarie Christian put in a creditable performance. The rest were mainly a bunch of wet weekends. Those that have turned out a manifesto have made a reasonable effort, although words mean nothing me without delivering on them. And, if you are at a loose end and fancy a game of Spot the Difference aka "Manifestos made easy"....






Yes, two from those three, and the first two seem to be the most genuine

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12 minutes ago, dilligaf said:

I would say highly unlikely she much input apart from a few small edits.

Or do you think she was on the scene when Bill had his written ?

Well that's his 2016 manifesto and they were married in September 2018 (you may remember the row about them having Government House gardens for the reception) - and clearly a couple in March 2018.  So they may well have been together in 2016.

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12 minutes ago, Apple said:

The speaker asked about reports in the last batch of Tynwald questions but it seems they need longer to compile a response. 

It's actually rather sloppily worded for Watterson (#19):  What the total costs of both independent and internal inquiries, reports and reviews were in each of the last three years?  It doesn't ask for a list of all these reports with the cost for each, so there will just be a total amount and people will get all excited about how much money has been spent, but there will be no checklist as to what they were all about and whether any useful action resulted from them.  It also doesn't specify whether it just means reports produced for/by the Treasury ( which I assume would include Internal Audit) or whether it is all government reports.

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