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1 hour ago, b4mbi said:

 At what point in the last 4/5 years has he claimed to be a performance artist doing a satirical piece on the state of Manx Politics?

Perhaps you're over thinking it and really, despite coming across as seeming pleasant, well meaning, intelligent individual, he is a delusional fantasist who is madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's "Mr. Madman" competition?


As Declan has pointed out, if he’d stated somewhere that this was all a performance that would entirely undermine what he’s doing. People who create fictional characters in order to perform don’t usually explain it before hand, especially if its a joke - that’s kind of the whole point. I don’t recall seeing a disclaimer on film or TV or play that it was fictional or otherwise, unless of course the statement is part of the performance.

If HM is madder than a box of frogs in reality (I doubt it), that doesn’t preclude him from being an artist or comedian (almost mandatory some would say), or indeed a politician.

Most of the people widely considered ‘great’ in human history, in almost any field, were a long long way from what anyone would call normal. 

Take it for what it is, a show, within a show. In the context of the process he’s about to go through with the field of people currently running it is nothing if not entertaining. As I assume he would be if elected.

What else do we get from our MHKs right? CS run everything according to these pages, MHKs are just there to keep us distracted right?

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20 hours ago, Twitch said:

I know of people who have seen a slightly darker side to Mr Sole.. 

Also, he’s certainly no visionary unless you figure that trying to extract money from people to fund his completely incoherent, unachievable, unrealistic projects somehow counts as such.

I know he got a few politicians and misguided business people on board, but don’t be one of them Derek.

Unless you’re just taking the piss of course.


"To extract money from people to fund completely incoherent, unachievable, unrealistic projects" is virtually the government's mission statement, so certainly no bar to election!

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19 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

NINE candidates!!!

Will there be enough voters to go round?

For only a one year incumbency too. An optimist might see this as a healthy interest in participating in our democracy at a difficult time. A pessimist might see it as indicative of large numbers of people seeing their existing livelihood hitting the buffers in the not so distant future.

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Greatest living Manxman is probably Hector Duff. A good friend served in the police with him, said he was a truly remarkable chap.

Greatest historical Manxman is probably Goldie Taubman if we accept that great doesn’t always = good, and take it as great influence over human history. Creator of Nigeria. 

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19 hours ago, VinnieK said:

I think nine candidates is more than any constituency had during the 2016 election.

That's actually a little worrying since it can increase the chances that

  • people win/lose on the slimmest of margins
  • those who do win do so with a small proportion of the vote, calling their mandate into question.

I wonder if something like the single transferrable vote would be a better mechanism for our elections.

I sympathise with the diagnosis, but not the remedy. Not sure I have a better one though.

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20 hours ago, John Wright said:

Yes, but was it ultravires? If so it’s like the Johnson prorogation. A blank bit of paper and no effect. 

That's a very interesting and thought provoking comment. Prorogation might have had no legal effect, but that doesn't mean it was ineffective in its aim. It added to the general momentum that was being built of "I'm trying to enact the will of the people but the establishment, Parliament and the Courts are all agin me". That is the message that was carried into the general election and, whether you agree with the outcome or not, it was certainly potent. There is always more than one way to skin a cat.

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19 hours ago, Derek Flint said:

Is the Egg actually a metaphor for the Isle of Man?

Why would we want a metaphor for the Isle of Man? Maybe he thinks it's the goose that laid the golden one.

I'm still looking upon your positive view of this candidature as satire. It's the only plausible explanation.

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7 minutes ago, GreyWolf said:

Go on Derek throw your hat in the ring , I think you may have a shot unless a lot of those constituents you may have met in previous job, though those characters are unlikely to vote.

He'd have a better shot down North wouldn't he?

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