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Teacher’s pay dispute

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1 hour ago, Apple said:

This is more or less how Manx Care started. Get ready for another Arms Length Management Organisation (often known as ALMO, corporatisation, sub privatisation, political failure, cost reduction, assets stripping from the public domain, etc)

The Beamans' report, fairly blatantly, admits that they sold this idea to Quayle for the DHSC and now they are going to do the same thing all over again with the DESC.  Because once you have found a mug you can sell a pig in a poke to, you can keep on doing the same thing if their stupid enough to fall for it first time.  That they don't even seem to have visited the Island before churning out the same solution.

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Unions seem to be getting rather irate that government haven’t got money to pay them an extra 9% plus £1.75m lump sums on top of 2.75% they have already had this year. personally I think they are

Trouble is, how do you objectively measure the outcome of a teacher?  Teacher A gets set 1 and everyone gets a top grade.  Teacher B gets set 6 and barely anyone sits the exam.  Teacher C has a pastor

Teaching assistants are needed because the Island has no special schools for children with serious physical or cognitive impairments, and no pupil referral units for the most unruly. This means classe

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Manx Care is going to be a statutory board, so reasonable to assume Manx Ed or whatever it is will also be stat board. MUA and P.O. are probably nearest equivalent. 

Other model is wholly owned subsidiary (IoMSPCo or Laxey Glen Mills) but no charging for provision of education.

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On 10/30/2020 at 11:16 PM, hissingsid said:

Gone very quiet :whatever:

Maybe some of the teachers have finally realized that they are well off over here or more probably they are on holidays at present so no action required 😀

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On 10/14/2020 at 8:54 AM, Banker said:

Good example for the children in acting like spoiled brats.

Spoiled brats do not get opportunity to black mail society with demands of give them what I want or I will damage education opportunities and by consequence life chances of 1,000s of kids. 

On 10/28/2020 at 9:58 AM, Andy Onchan said:

Listened to Minister of Education speech and he mentioned "Some parents only care about how many A*s school gets....", which roughly translates as: "As a medical doctor though I appreciate the opportunities that education provided myself, it is clear to me that significant portion of the families on the Island have no interest whatsoever in educational attainment...". This is typical nonsense put forthwith by people in education. The reality is normal parents (95%+ of parents) want their kids to have options when they leave school. If you are working class and you leave school without qualifications you are doing s**t. Middle class kids of doctors sound and look bit posh so can become estate agents and similar if they cannot read. But working class kids really will have very few options.

We got usual union prescribed no to Academy Trusts, which means Heads have to offer teachers (of same grade) in PE and Maths/Science/IT the same pay and conditions. What this means is for Heads to balance the books, the terms they offer teachers in Maths/Science/IT make it very hard to recruit in this field, where as the will have no problem recruiting PE teachers. Not my opinion endless studies of this effect which is why have Academy Trusts in UK in the first place. Heads have to compete in real world and though not lot competition for PE teachers for math/science/IT graduates particularly those with good degrees (2:1 or better) from leading Universities (Russell Group, Sutton 30) there is.  

With Beamans report, I was speaking with someone at DoE about a matter and my view differed from there's and I remarked these are just my view for political and philosophical reasons and I am personally not attacking you in any way. The person was quite taken back and told me that disagreeing with me was to welcome break from dealing with "teachers ringing every day and screaming abuse down the phone" [those were the exact words told to me about 18 months ago].

When Beamans authors presented to select committee the remarked several times (I assume because they were surprised) that the report mandate was solely to consider relationship between DoE, schools and unions, and not cover subject of academic attainment. Maybe I am being dumb but is not the purpose of education system to deliver a service to children. Nothing in education act regarding an aim of education on Island to be designed such that teachers are of speaking terms with DoE and refrain from such activities as screaming abuse down the phone at them.   



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18 minutes ago, BenFairfax said:

When Beamans authors presented to select committee the remarked several times (I assume because they were surprised) that the report mandate was solely to consider relationship between DoE, schools and unions, and not cover subject of academic attainment.

The Government set the remit to achieve the next step which is to set up a Board for Manx Education. Politicians will set the Strategey, schools will concentrate on operational matters. MHK's running scared on public services ?

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8 minutes ago, Anyone said:

No , boredom and most long posters are boring. No idea why all of a sudden I have italics. 
I getting boring.

If even seeing long posts causes distress, then I would block me from your feed (my emails of worse, and I restrained myself in last post). Personally, I enjoy reading longer posts, and not keen on trailing through endless vacuous nonsense. Horses for courses and all that, I guess.

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On 8/7/2020 at 11:12 PM, Neil Down said:

All this whining about teachers yet here you all are with the ability to read and write thanks to..... a teacher

That quite some jump! Particularly when so well known that single biggest identifiable indicator of academic outcome of a child is the education background of the mother (typically primary carer). When I was at primary school I remember clearly thinking to myself, when I grow up I will understand why am I being made to listen to these daft people. Now I am an adult I still have no idea why I was being made to listen to those people. 

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