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I have mixed views about this, I do not particularly like or participate in game shooting, and do not understand how people can derive pleasure out of killing anything. Hunting for food if it was necessary due to societal collapse I understand, but although I would do it to survive (I am not a vegetarian) I would not take any pleasure out of doing it.

Conversely these specific birds (the ones that would be released) only exist because they are bred in farms as game, and once released the vast majority avoid being shot and frankly move into other areas and viable populations are created that sustain our local raptors, polecats etc. I am led to believe that unlike Pheasants the Partridges are native birds and their reintroduction should then be welcomed, even if the ethics for their introduction could be viewed as distasteful by many.   

On balance I would support the introduction of a game season, if only because they are a bird that would compliment our current wildlife.

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