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Big new boat in the bay!

A new boat n the morning   

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39 minutes ago, Uhtred said:

I’d be delighted if the Steamie’s on-board offering were in future to be derived from the 1850s, as we’d almost certainly have access to silver service dining, a selection of decent claret and cabins of comfort rather than relying on the decor and furnishing of an Iranian jail.

I happened to be at Heysham fairly recently - the lounge there has been nicely redecorated & free wifi provided

Still no gangplank tho'

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But where’s all the polished mahogany and brass...shouted Uhtred from the 19th century.

Something will go wrong with the order, like it'll be too big to fit in the sea and they'll have to redesign it. 

I think it was widely said at the time that new boats would be £70 million each. I certainly posted that on here. (or if you’re CalMac they’re £110 million each, smaller than the Ben/new boat, an

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More information is dripping out in the marine/ferry press and social media. 

Its said the new boat will be hybrid gas/battery powered.

its also said the steam packet directors had a long inspection of Queen Jenuvia, latest vessel from the yard in Korea, now undergoing sea trials before entering service next month.

At 170m she’s about 30m longer than the SP new vessel. The interior design is of a very high standard.

“We remain in Asia today.
We discover the interiors of Seaworld Express new 170m long Ropax QUEEN JENUVIA.
The boat will imminently join the Korea - Jeju trade and replace SANTA LUCINO.

The boat seems to offer very interesting interiors. Keep in mind Isle Of Man Steam Packet people have inspected the vessel before signing with Hyundai Mipo a week ago! They must have been quite impressed!
Interior has been designed and outfitted by local expert Jeitek.

Operator: Seaworld Express
Design & yard: Hyundai Mipo
Where: Mokpo - Jeju, Korea
When: starting within weeks“
















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Very impressive, can we hope that we will be getting close to the same specification?

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23 minutes ago, monasqueen said:

I love all the loose chairs that will fly everywhere in "a bit of weather". At least the tables look like they are bolted down.

No need to bolt down, electromagnetic floors. First sign of bad weather and they flip the switch to turn on the magnets. Clever people them Koreans.

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But where’s all the polished mahogany and brass...shouted Uhtred from the 19th century.

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13 minutes ago, Donald Trumps said:

Presuming the gas/battery power is LPG, wonder if it will be replaceable by hydrogen sometime in the future?

It’ll be LNG, and no.

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