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Big new boat in the bay!

A new boat n the morning   

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But where’s all the polished mahogany and brass...shouted Uhtred from the 19th century.

Something will go wrong with the order, like it'll be too big to fit in the sea and they'll have to redesign it. 

I think it was widely said at the time that new boats would be £70 million each. I certainly posted that on here. (or if you’re CalMac they’re £110 million each, smaller than the Ben/new boat, an

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Liquid natural gas eh?

I wonder if there's any of that natural gas stuff in our territorial waters, that we have the right to economically exploit?


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17 hours ago, Donald Trumps said:

Can't find any details on the interwebs with regards to her engines 

Recently retired shipping industry worker says new boat will be diesel and electric


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The US Military have persisted with buying Austal vessels

Not sure why they did away with the Manannan, maybe the US Army decided it wasn't in the business of shifting tanks around by sea in a vessel not really designed for long passages

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