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Anyone recognise this registration number NMN-424-V?

Reversed into me at the exit to Shoprite Onchan car park the other evening. No insurance documents available in the car, but promised to pop around the next evening to my home with them.

Didn't arrive.

I took a photo of his registration plate and telephone number, but it didn't connect when I tried it?!

Got the video footage on my Nextbase NVDBR 522 GW Dashcam too, which if necessary I'll post on Manxforums.

Hope he can provide his insurance details before I present the dashcam and photos to the local plod in 24 hours. 

This could turn into a 'Hit and run' otherwise.

He did seem like a 'nice' young lad.

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I would go to the Police straight away, when he didn’t show. You let him off and he’s broken your trust.

It's like an episode of miss Marple directed by Quentin Tarantino.

I'd go for the Facebook factor rather than MF. Isle of Man advice, help & local events?   ETA: But aye, stuff that, they've had their chance, just get in touch with the police.

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Dilligaff is right. Happened to me once, again in a Shoprite car park. Denied it vehemently at first, crumbled when I said I was going to police. Paid me cash for repairs two days later as it transpires they should not have been driving anyway. Still reported them though. Not Manx people, have to say.

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4 minutes ago, The Duck of Atholl said:

what sort of thing do you have in mind?

Up the penalties big time if caught not reporting , I believe theres a issue with ownership of car parks and can Police be involved . Needs addressed and bodywork firms need to be encouraged to get on board as repairs will be needed to both vehicles normally. CCTV maybe needs to be looked at although thats problematic in big car parks. I know its not a easy fix but something needs to be done as its getting a real problem and not fair on innocent party . 

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Insured and taxed.  Black Fiesta.

Report it to your insurance as a fail to stop.  They will find the insurance company and ask the questions.

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1 hour ago, Boris Johnson said:

I know a bloke on the island who is very good at getting money out of people. He usually takes a 50% cut of the debt though, PM me ………………………………………………………...







I'm only 40% and you can keep the fingers.

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