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Good health store fires health concerned employee

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2 minutes ago, hissingsid said:

On face book today it mentioned a health shop in Ramsey was closing...is this the same one ?   Perhaps the fine has put them out of business.

I think the one in the paper is south of the Island

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On 9/9/2020 at 9:58 AM, BallaDoc said:

Of course GPs are always there to give medical advice and treatment to people  who genuinely need it.

Of course they are.:ph34r:

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On 9/9/2020 at 9:58 AM, BallaDoc said:

Of course GPs are always there to give medical advice and treatment to people  who genuinely need it.  But we have to try to avoid getting diverted into "grey areas" which are legal / administrative rather than medical and which take us away from our medical duties.  For example: someone who is on probation, misses an appointment with his probation officer and then comes in for a backdated sick note so he doesn't get into trouble.  Or someone who should self certify for a minor illness for a week but comes in for a sick note from us because "my employer doesn't accept self certification notes".  Or someone who comes in for a sick note saying they have to self isolate, when the Government guidelines say they don't have to self isolate.  And then, what if we issue a sick note and the court / employer queries it and asks us to justify it, which leads to more paperwork and more time away from patients?  We really have to draw firm lines in the sand over sick notes otherwise we could spend a lot of time on them to no useful purpose. 

This could be a practice to avoid if'n you simply just want your health looked after. However they do have themselves taken care of. They've got all possible 'business/legal' contingencies well and truly sorted.

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“Genuinely need it”?

Not enough , it seems  just to  “Need it “ but to   “Genuinely  need it”

OK .I am sure there will be   will be the odd  “lead- swinger.“

The doc can  quickly scribble “ plumbus oscillitans “ or some other pseudo latin  sick note and they can be on their way.

The “Worried well “ also ..

But Is the system really under such threat  by legions of the “Non  - genuine “?

Or are people made  to feel they are supplicants,  fended off by having to justify to themselves that they are not  guilty  “time wasters.”

Faced with alarming symptoms, many of us would be relieved to find our symptoms, which we have presented in good faith, to the best of our lay ability - and  therefore most “genuinely”,  do ultimately prove to be a “wast of time” - in the sense we are not going to die, just yet.




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She probably did dismiss this employee 'wrongfully' but 7k for a part time employee for three months??? Probably OTT!

All done by proscribed formula, which is the best way to handle these situations but still, 7k???

An appeal is in the offing, may reduce that amount?


It is good that this system of appeal  is brought to the attention of the public so that all are aware of their right to redress thru this system!!!

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