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This is a least a year here.


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5 hours ago, x-in-man said:

Despite having months of opportunity to stop this on the road to check, it still gets driven about, to B&Q, to the gym, work... 



I did read somewhere that there had been a period of grace on MOT's due to Covid but you could still tax the car? They obviously can't get it MOT'd if they have been sent home for the pandemic, a lot of people have chosen to return here to sit it out? This could still be taxed anyway as it has a valid MOT.

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Non-resident vehicles can spend up to 12 months here on foreign plates, provided they remain legal in their country of origin.

In other words, you still need the UK tax/MOT or you're committing an offence.

A lot of people assume you don't need UK tax, which I suspect is what gets the cars seized over here when people get tugged, along with questionable MOT, insurance and/or attitude. Having asked the test centre, you need English tax to drive around in that period. Otherwise, you can only have it on the road to and from the booked test.

I think one of the big delaying factors is the reputation of the test center, it seems they get a rap for being quite arbitrary. Depending on their mood, an immaculate car won't have orange enough indicators, but a shed will sail through. Whereas the UK MOT or even an SVA has public specifications for everything that is checked. How true this is, I don't know. I've used the test centre once and given the class of vehicle, there wasn't enough to it for anything to not be clearly wrong.

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On 9/17/2020 at 10:16 PM, TurricanII said:

Residency relates to the owner and not the vehicle; if the owner is resident in the Isle of Man then the car has to be Manx registered immediately


Yes but a tricky one, if the vehicle is UK taxed, it's registered owner is technically in the UK. A UK company may send a vehicle here temporarily for use by a Manx resident? Registering it here isn't so much of a problem, just recently re-registering cars from the IoM in the UK has become a serious problem. People purchasing UK cars  from UK dealers, once registered their new cars here, now the DVLA in Swansea have turned into the Stasi when these cars are returned to the UK. Many cars are now best registered in the UK first, prior to Manx registration, to avoid at least some of the inconvenience and delay. This is probably why there are more UK registrations floating around, just awaiting IOM processing.

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