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Twenty years ago when the schools became devolved and management of the school budgets lay with the head teachers is when things began to change. The money was and is in exam enrolment.  When the

That was a big McSteak.

Sigh. Why is it that we have to wait for a major incident (jail, controversy on the world wide stage) before someone realises that perhaps expecting workers to come from the U.K. to a different j

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1 hour ago, Gladys said:

Why was he flitting between the UK and the IOM, was he sourcing an alternative source of income? 

Maybe a drugs mule but virus was an easier bust for the numbers...? :lol:

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8 hours ago, thesultanofsheight said:

I don’t think that anyone who found themselves to be out of petrol was challenging anything. They were simply halfway home and realized that they were out of petrol when they saw the light flashing and probably panicked and made a bad decision. In no place on earth is that worth 4 weeks in prison. In the meantime a couple of NHS workers who went on the piss and posed a clear danger to the public in several pubs only got fined. I honestly can’t believe the number of people who seem to have fallen into a trance actively welcoming the police state here. It is completely disproportionate to the transmission risk and the act or omission undertaken. When all this is over our Covid jailing rate will be the highest in the world and will just make us look like a joke

The opposite really, sensible people will look at this and admire the way we enforced the law.

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2 hours ago, Banker said:

You are on warped individual who obviously lives in an ivory tower with pictures of Howie at bedside and cares for no one but yourself 

Once again with the “Howie” accusation 

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3 hours ago, thesultanofsheight said:

According to the article he stole food from a petrol station. He doesn’t sound like an international criminal. More like a sad individual down on his luck who is struggling to eat and get by. 

He was also on probation for stealing eye cream and age-defying cream. Worried about his looks?



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18 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

Actually it's entirely in the gift of your friendly Attorney General's Office - unless the police don't pass it on, but that tends not to happen nowadays.  It's possible that the police don't bother to investigate, but that's less likely to happen if there's a complaint from a member of the public because that starts off the 'paper trail'.

Ph it happens. Someone was telling me about a serious matter involving senior figures on the Island. The police just strung them along for a few months trying to shake off the complainant and eventually pretended the matter had been forwarded to the Attorney General Office, when in fact it hadn't. The beauty of it being that the police just said it was the Attorney General decision not to proceed. 

And even if the boys in blue (of which there are many jolly decent ones) did forward a report, they could word it in such a way as for the AG's office to say "no chance".


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