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12 hours ago, Kopek said:

I am not  a supporter of differential sentencing, a crime should be punished for it's own breach of our own accepted rules.

There should not be sentencing '' to send a message to others''?

However, in these covid cases, it could be argued that these month long sentences are indeed providing this deterrent type message.


if month long sentences are sending a message there are a lot of people not getting it.

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8 hours ago, Neil Down said:

Why does the mother keep harping on about politicians breaking the rules. She’s referring to MP’s not MHK’S

so they are actually politicians then ..........................

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14 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

No, the message there is read the rules.

So you think 2 weeks in jail for going into a shop with face masks on is proportional to the crime?

as I posted there are absolutely no warnings whatsoever About restrictions before, during and disembarking boat .

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11 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

Simply amazing. Makes us look like a total covid-mental backwater. It’s very clear though that despite being on a government contract they weren’t aware of the importance of observing the rules or how totalitarian the rules are. In fact it seems they weren’t even aware that the IOM has different rules to the UK. Neither did they seem to be aware that they could go to jail. Giving people a form to read is pointless. There should be signs plastered all over the boat and they should be told exactly how the system works. Instruction videos running as well to explain our rules. In fact why aren’t members of the coronavirus team on every ferry handing out leaflets and telling people exactly what they need to do? And more importantly most of the key workers aren’t Manxies and will have little awareness of how draconian our rules are so why aren’t people on government contracts told explicitly by the people in the department employing them what the score is and why aren’t they overseen and monitored when here? It’s not like managers in the DOI have fuck all else to do.

The focus just seems to be on jailing and turning the public into snitchers not on actually doing what is needed to manage this process properly. This is wartime style education that’s needed if we are to remain so hellbent on jailing as many people as possible for non compliance. 

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Putting people into the Jurby Quarantine Centre does at least mean that they can't sneak out to the shops/

I guess that the "Tesco 5" got 4 weeks because it was thought that at least one out of that number might have read the rules. 

Do people here get released after they've only served half their sentences? That makes even more sense of the 4 week sentence.

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