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MT Fibre to the Home

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On 1/15/2021 at 12:39 PM, Hillside said:

Can anyone confirm which router MT are supplying with current FTTH installations?


It's a techicolour that will also do VOIP is the last new one I saw. Gigabit/Wireless AC with beamforming etc. DWA0120 were one of the models, but they've moved to slightly newer. DGA2231 from memory.

Downside is there's no clever functionality in it at all, very locked down.

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3 hours ago, Apple said:

Please can anyone help.

Attached is a screen shot of the page I see when I try to get on Manxforums.

I can still get on, obviously, but I don't know what has happened?


A configuration or server error has occurred.pdf 88.32 kB · 5 downloads

The website has stopped redirecting http to https://. It's something I've noticed today too.

When you go to ManxForums, make sure you go to https://manxforums.com

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One of the big things I’ve found when it’s busy is Manx Telecom’s DNS servers tend to be a limiting factor. 

If you adjust to using Google’s or CloudFlare’s DNS, you can often get a perceptible boost to your connection. You can adjust this on the router to apply to all users. 

For anyone unaware, DNS is effectively the yellow pages of the Internet. When you go to load a webpage, your computer first contacts a DNS server to work out where to go. The response is contingent of the capacity and speed of that server. 

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