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IOM Bank world biggest Covid-Clowns

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Even Santa will get three weeks in prison if he comes to the Isle of Man. That's what I've told my kids anyway.

So having made old ladies queue outside for weeks on end even though we were well out of lockdown, and shut down its branches, now the IOM Bank hilariously cancels the Xmas Santa dash over two months

Promenade section:

On 10/10/2020 at 10:45 PM, Utah 01 said:

Nope - but it's dead easy to close one as I've done with this joke-of-a-bank.

Correct. IOMB will not be able to open or close new HNWI or company accounts or to process significant transitions. HSBC are in the process of laying off most of their staff.  Santander are about to lay off most of their staff too. You have limited options in terms of island banking.

I personally recommend Barclays Bank.  


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On 10/10/2020 at 10:03 AM, The Dog's Dangly Bits said:

There's nothing difficult to understand here.  The group parent in the UK won't be having one of their underlying companies being seen to organise or sponsor a mass gathered event in the current UK climate.  It's exactly the same reason 90% of their staff remain working from home.  The UK policy is being applied here.  Move on folks


RBS Group won't be going back to their offices until the New Year. 

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6 hours ago, hissingsid said:

I believe that there are a lot of IOMBank employees still working from home and a raft of voluntary redundancies are in view with more staff applying for them than redundancies on offer.

If their current level of customer service is anything to go by, the sooner they feck off the better

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