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Little birds?


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A couple of peregrines flew over yesterday. Looked like in flight training for the youngster. They were definitely playing in the thermals below us.

Visitors for food are now mainly hoodies, rooks, jackdaws, and a couple of herring gulls.

Sparrows and starlings, which used to come mob handed, have all but disappeared.

I'm still seeing an occasional robin and a couple of back-caps, which all love the pheasant berries (Himalayan Honeysuckle).

Not a lot else visiting nowadays. 

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29 minutes ago, monasqueen said:

As an update, half a dozen starlings visited this morning. Welcome!

There is a tree in the garden of our neighbour that was home to hundreds of starlings early this year. Sat in the summerhouse watching the parents teach the fledglings to fly and land was amazing

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1 minute ago, doc.fixit said:

well that's good news, still no change in our garden though,,,,,,,,,sad.

we've tried all kinds of bird food. Problem is that the feckin crows keep going for it and frightening off any little bird. BB gun should dissuade them...😈

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