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Cannabis - Time for a re-think?

Neil Down

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12 hours ago, Ramseyboi said:

As the rest of the world moves forward, we remain in the dark ages with some of the most severe punishments for having a bit of weed in the civilised world.


Without the archaic law, the police conviction stats would show a truer picture

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Jersey in the lead.....



Not far behind is Germany, Luxembourg, with Spain, Holland, Portugal just about there. Morocco and Greece have advanced.

Amusing if it were not so tragic.


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31 minutes ago, Max Power said:


And what is even sadder?  The fact that in 2021 otherwise relatively intelligent people still believe it should be banned and in fact over here we send people to prison for selling it.

At least we can see the rest of the world making progress.  Shame we are missing another opportunity to show we can be a bit forward thinking rather than falling behind like we did with corporeal punishment, homosexuality, civil relationships, abortion......

What is even more nuts is that in areas where you could actually make a valid argument for the rest of the world being right and our law being outdated and actually dangerous, we are pretty much out on our own - speed limits.

This island is so backward sometimes it is embarrassing when we should be leading the way.

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