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Derby Ward by-election

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No disrespect to any of the candidates but is anything more utterly pointless than a Douglas Borough Council election ? It's about as important as the weekly raffle at the Legion Club. Meaningful elec

Why is there an assumption that someone who buys a house they don't intend to live in, and then takes the majority of someone else's paycheck to pay off the mortgage is greedy? It's a mystery. 

the hospitality  bill is going to up by the looks of things

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2 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

Shame Watson got in. He sounds like a hapless fool. 

Based on what? From talking to him and keeping an eye on what he's been up to he seems energetic and with his heart in the right place, so far as I can see.

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Just now, thesultanofsheight said:

Based on the general rubbish he seems to have posted on Facebook. 

I suspect we won't agree, but looks more like aiming for better conditions for everyone than rubbish to me.

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The Younger Watson does present a new approach to politics, he may be different style to which we are used to but maybe, that is what we need to advance from the same old same old?

It's about the 21 Gen elect really, Iwould have thought that Amanda W would have been a shoe in for this to advance her to MHK in 21? Perhaps Devon coul d now take this to give him a lift up in '21?

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Alan Buck (Lib Van) - 95 votes
Samuel Hamer (Manx Labour) - 251 votes
Amanda Walker (Independent) - 230 votes
Devon Watson (Manx Labour) - 305 votes

Turnout: 19.6%

Devon Watson and Samuel Hamer have been elected to represent Derby Ward


Result from Manx Radio Facebook

The turnout is actually slightly up on the last Derby Ward by-election in 2018 when it was only 18.5%.  Derby Ward contains a lot of private rented flats.

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