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Spat between Chief Minister and Dr Glover

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With respect, you are. Without @rachomics on island PCR testing for covid would not have happened when it did, if at all. Of course, Rizwan Khan and Steve Doyle were vital too - sorry don’t know Dr Sh

Have you never heard the term whistle-blowing? Dr G. tried every avenue and was well aware of what was at risk on her island. She isn't doing this for publicity, she's been offered far better gigs tha

I quite enjoy Manx Forums. There's nothing wrong with a bit of satire.  Happy to defend myself, wherever that may be. I grew up knocking around Willaston so while you may believe that someone wit

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40 minutes ago, Derek Flint said:

It’s about right. Someone with key expertise knows more than they do. That isn’t allowed. 

Perhaps the collective involved do know more than she does?

This really kicked off over 7 days testing and her not being consulted about it.  Which, even as a none scientist, everyone knows was about  cutting down positive test stats than it was about medical science.

Wrighty, who I believe has been involved in advising government, has openly stated on here that there are some elements of decisions he doesn't always agree with (from memory he certainly felt we could have come out of lockdown a touch earlier).

Perhaps the answer is for RG to tell everyone what should be happening that isn't? Rather than bleating about it.


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I think that the CM is not going to let anyone get in the way of him getting a gong, whether or not Dr RG has been consulted, I am afraid it's my way or not at all. I also agree that her expertise is not required now as he is the font of knowledge when it comes to Covid, and she is a woman after all.

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Comin alone decide on the restrictions, and they alone are going to be accountable to the electorate. They decide who to consult and the weight they lend to a particular opinion. I personally think that in the course of their meetings they should speak to all the experts boh medical and economic , but it is entirely their choice as our elected representatives. If an expert has not been consulted and do not agree, they are entitled to voice their opinion, and from my perspective it is interesting to hear the other side of the argument, which is what happened. No story really...
Dropping the seven day testing was largely a political decision in line with Comins excessively cautious ‘baby steps’ approach. It was going to happen whatever the experts said, so in this instance they chose not to bother.

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1 hour ago, Roxanne said:

And please don’t forget, she’s a woman. 

One suspects that’s her biggest crime in the eyes of you know who. Witness his treatment of Daphne Caine in Tynwald.

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