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Spat between Chief Minister and Dr Glover

Manx Bean

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12 hours ago, Uhtred said:

And here is the final paragraph of that journalistic tour de force:

It had promised a complete rebuttal of Dr Glover's claims, including a timeline of events, but that hasn't been published publicily any yet.

Well, when it is published publicly any yet, I’ll be interestedly interested any yet in what it sayingly says publicly published, that’s for sure...any yet.

Haha. They've corrected the ninth-rate spelling, but the published publicly remains to sing to the mountains the glory of Manx journalism.

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What a wonderful opportunity for IOM government to act with the best interests of the GMP with these two unexplained cases.

I wonder if they will take it?

Their default position is ‘stonewalling’ but with so much publicity over the last few weeks, perhaps they may find the GMP recognises this opportunity and urge them to take it  


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