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Derek Flint - has left us

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0845: 4 Nov 2020   My Dearest Ellan,   By the time you wake up, take the envelope off the mantelpiece and read this, I will have gone. I couldn’t handle the big ‘goodbye’. It

it was short notice but the people of Ramsey deserved a celebration following the news

So, here we are. Why, and what next? To contextualise, I love the Island dearly. It has been a huge decision to leave. We had 22 generally excellent years there, and I believe it is one of the be

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13 hours ago, Derek Flint said:

We've bought something a bit similar to what we have in a village called Elswick, and hope to complete in about a month.

Not the worst place to be, easy access to some great countryside and hill / mountain walking. Enjoy it...

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52 minutes ago, Capt_Mainwaring said:

Is he also 1886? I don't believe so. 

from what I've read, he helped set it up but was not the financial owner

so I suppose it's what your definition is

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2 hours ago, Out of the blue said:

Good luck Derek, I hope you find what you are looking for...

Yes, include me on that. I had occasion to grill him about certain, er, matters and he was always quick to respond, willing to help.

Good luck Del.

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14 minutes ago, Capt_Mainwaring said:

Yes that's what I understand. Ex-courthouse, 1886, but now setting up his own place in Rhumsaa.

Hope he makes a success of it - always good to see more options in the town

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1 hour ago, Capt_Mainwaring said:

I did a break down Ramsey in the summer - had a great time. Felt like a real community. So much so, heading back there for a few days leading up to Christmas.

Ramsey charity shops are better than Douglas'

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11 minutes ago, Derek Flint said:

Here’s a taster of things. Diesel fill up at BP. £1.15.9

what is the current price on the rock?

They saw you coming. £1.13 down here...

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