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Yorkshire ripper dies

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6 minutes ago, quilp said:

Beverly Allitt, Colin Ireland, Levi Bellfield, Robert Black, all post-Sutcliffe.

An "odd surge" seems illogical. Pre-Sutcliffe serial killers were just as active and in the days before DNA, databases and forensic advances many more escaped justice. 

And that...

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On 11/15/2020 at 8:39 PM, ThreeRaccoonsInATrenchCoat said:

Why do you think there was such an odd surge in serial killers back at the time and why do you think it ended? 

As others have pointed out there was no odd surge and there are still plenty of evil people in this world.

Try watching "Mindhunters" which is focused on the behavioural science unit of the FBI and is obviously a dramatization of a real story but its also pretty revealing as to how serial killers think.

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