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Eight MHK's voted against Greater Transparency in Government.

Holte End

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Lets face it - now with the salary issue sorted there should be a rule that all MHKs are in a full time role and no other business will allowed (or tolerated) due to it being such a small island that it is impossible not to have some influence throughout one's term. 

On 12/1/2020 at 11:59 PM, Roger Mexico said:

This is more about recording favours done which would not be illegal in themselves, but could be suspicious.

It can attract suspicion RM as you say and may lead to a loss of trust and confidence in our political representatives. Why would they want to suffer that?

Mind you, I am not that surprised at those named, however they are a disappointment. (but maybe not anymore).

The next move is to ensure a mechanism to remove "unsuitable" politicians by public vote in the face of transgression of the Nolan principles, or worse. Standards Committee anyone? 

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4 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

It will be personal for Allinson and Barber, both of whom will be receiving payments for medical work done and the same will apply to Callister's wife who is the head of Hansard.   Presumably they're objecting to the way exact salaries or payments will be disclosed which wouldn't be true of other employees.

Which seems a completely logical and fair point. 

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