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Vaccine- who will have it?

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10 hours ago, Banker said:

Do you think there’s 3200 frontline staff ? I know several office staff from charities vaccinated and a number of others have said similar. In any case, other than care home staff why were any health workers vaccinated before over 80s , it’s not right 

The DHSC employs about 3,500 people. The majority, but not all, of those are frontline, but the figure for frontline care workers would also include private care homes, private providers of community care in peoples homes, private dentists, community pharmacists etc which are not included in that 3,500, so a total of 3,200 frontline care staff may not be far off the mark.

Whether you feel that they should be vaccinated ahead of over 80's is another matter. I know several people over 80 who say that it is correct that care workers get vaccinated first.

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