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Vaccine- who will have it?


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36 minutes ago, Gladys said:

So no link to vaccine, two deaths one from anaphylaxis without vaccine, another shortly after vaccine but from other causes. 

I thought the Headmaster said the anaphylaxis case had recovered? 

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2 minutes ago, John Wright said:

No. The “fag” has admitted he was wrong.

I’ve just listened again to the Headmaster's statement on MR and the anaflaxius case recovered- "did not die." FWIW... 

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There's an additional bit of nonsense here about Ashford not being at the media briefing because he 'had to' tell the Keys about misinforming them earlier.  Given that they'd obviously know for several hours, there was nothing to prevent him telling them earlier, except that it meant Ashford could avoid embarrassing questions from the media.

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What a bloody farce.

I have no idea who died, who didn’t die, whether it was one or two people who died or didn’t die. No idea who out of the two had an anaphylactic shock either straight away or after and then died or didn’t die.

This is not one the finest of days of the Boy Vampire. In fact, recently, his days seem to be going from bad to worse. 

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1 hour ago, Dr. Grumpy said:

Are you sure that the UK Government is providing indemnity for the covid vaccines? Contrary to what the minister seems to think, UK Crown indemnity is not available here. The DHSC 'self insures' 

That is what they have said. It is also what the delay was at the start. Sorting out the indemnity from the UK Government.

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