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Vaccine- who will have it?


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2 hours ago, Nellie said:

This is a pretty good service, and a big 👏 to all concerned.

I agree. The actual delivery on the sites had been very good. Efficient and effective.

When they have had sufficient time to put it all together, it all works. 

Staff on the ground ? Can't beat them.

Staff further up the chain, would happily beat them all day. (not really, don't like violence).😇

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3 hours ago, Nellie said:

I had my second jab last Friday (18th). Very smooth and speedy process.

By this morning (Tuesday), it had been added to both my Patient Access and NHS Apps. 

This is a pretty good service, and a big 👏 to all concerned.

Had my jabs in February and March. 
Didn’t show on App.  Rang surgery in Castletown this morning and both have now been added  👏  




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22 minutes ago, quilp said:

Just to add to the 'paranoia' Israeli scientists link the Pfizer vaccine to a rare blood disorder...


4 cases in a month compared to 2 or 3 per year... 

From my own research after the Astra Zeneca blood clot news, Covid 19 itself can cause blot clots so it’s impossible to tell if it’s the virus or the vaccine causing them.

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DA is bigging up our vaccine performance


In terms of overall % that have had second jabs we are catching up fast. What is hard to work out is how many priority 1 group (50 and over + clinically vulnerable) are fully vaccinated in the UK compared to IOM. I suspect they are ahead on this measure still because of the change to 6 weeks.

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The documents accepted for the proof of 2+2 from Monday.

The following will be accepted as proof of vaccination by uploading a PDF or an image, such as a screenshot or photograph, as part of your online application:

NHS England secure paper letter

NHS Scotland secure paper letter

NHS Wales secure paper letter

Bailiwick of Guernsey secure paper letter

States of Jersey secure paper letter

NHS app PDF or screenshot

Patient Access app screenshot

The card issued to Isle of Man residents when they receive their vaccination

If you do not have one of the above documents, you will be unable to travel under the No Test or Isolation Pathway at this time. We are aware that this is likely to affect travellers from Northern Ireland and Ireland who are still to put in place measure to allow residents there to prove their vaccination status.

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Just now, thommo2010 said:

If I'm reading this right and you're more at risk for more severe disease after 2 jabs then what's the point of getting it? 


I don't know why she is saying that, that claim doesn't appear to be supported by any evidence. Dr Glover has been retweeting some stuff recently by the zero covid gang so... 

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15 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Badly worded by her I think. I would like to think she wasn't deliberately stirring the pot.


Anyway. Do you need to wear a mask in the vaccination hubs at the moment? Got my second jab on Wed.

Yes, you do. 

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