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Vaccine- who will have it?


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6 hours ago, John Wright said:

Indeed, a first, second, third jabs and a booster jab.

What if the owners are vulnerable, or one of the existing staff?


5 hours ago, Gladys said:


The increased opportunity for exposure in a restaurant consistently full of people, therefore potential carriers, so this must also be a consideration?

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Living with it does not mean ignoring it, just like living next to a busy road does not mean ignoring it and carrying on as if it isn't there.  You have to accept that it is there and adjust your behaviour to lessen the risk, but that does not mean you can demand that the road is shut. 

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2 hours ago, Cambon said:

So what? Are we living with it, or not? 

Of course we are, what else have we been doing? It does not mean that precautions no longer need to be observed where desired, as in this case. The way things are I'm surprised that people seem surprised. Covid hasn't gone away and won't be going anywhere soon, surely you'd agree with that? Numbers appear to be rising, throughout the UK. The world is not even nearly out of this pandemic, the virus continues to mutate, into who knows what. Fortunately for all, vaccine research continues apace, more is known about treatment and importantly, what we all can do to limit transmission. We're living with it, we have to.

Would you rather we threw caution to the wind?


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14 hours ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

Living with it doesn’t mean ignoring it.

People will assess the risk differently based on their own risk profile and that of who they live with. 

Exactly! But compared to eighteen months ago, most people are vaccinated. Most people hardly even get ill from Covid. Few people end up in hospital and very few die from it. 

I.o.M. has moved on. 

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