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LAN network in the home - can anyone recommend a fitter...

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Can anyone recommend a company or useful chap/chapess that can install a relatively simple LAN network in our home?  I've had enough of running flaky internet run through the powerline and patchy wifi.

I don't fancy doing it myself particularly.  It would involve running a few cables around the house and installing a handful of sockets in the walls.  Thanks.

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7 hours ago, GD4ELI said:

I'm tempted to ask about the Wi-Fi - get a good router or access point, make sure the antenna is well situated.

The new mesh systems are amazing.

I plumped up for some Unifi kit in an old house, we went from needing about 5 or 6 APs dotted around the house, to having one long range model, and an extra one near the bedrooms to give a bit of a boost on Wi-Fi. Best £150 or so I've spent on networking gear.

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I also went for Unifi kit. My router is in my attic and I have two ubiquiti ap ac lites mounted in my ceiling, and an outdoor one, which fills in some dead spots at the back of the house. (The hole was already in the wall and we had scaffolding up.) 
There are a couple of companies who can help with this type of stuff.  



I've not used either of them, so I'm letting you know about them rather than endorsing them.

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