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Spar prices


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Fortunately the habit seems to be dying off among younger folk.  None of my grandkids or their friends are smokers.  I was a 20+ a day man, but gave it up when I came to the island 35 years ago.  I have no idea how people can afford it now.  When I began as an uninformed teenager in the 60's a packet of 20 was about five bob (25p to you youngsters!)  It still seemed expensive.

My best advice to the smokers is... give it up.  It's hard, but 4 weeks of cold turkey will fix it.  (Tons of that on Boxing Day :) )  Change your routines.  Take up nicotine chewing gum while you kick the drug, it's another horrid habit, but better than fags.  Then wean yourself off nicotine by mixing it half and half with spearmint.  It works and your breath will not smell foul!

Your New Year resolution.

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If people didn't smoke then taxes would go up quite a lot, you know, to pay for the benefits payments and the NHS therefore those who don't smoke would be paying more  a lot more....this would also probably result in sorring out the work shy tw*tsso not altogether a totally bad thing.

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If the number of kids you see having a drag on the way to school (or going off the school grounds in break time for the same) is anything to go by, I'd say it's alive and well amongst younger folk. Maybe they kick it a bit later on when they realise it's not so cool?

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