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Spar prices


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2 hours ago, pongo said:

Why not put the price of 20 cigarettes or a small packet of tobacco up to £1000? Price it as an occasional luxury.

It's bonkers people still deliberately breathing particulates into their airways. 


2 hours ago, pongo said:

It would be a really interesting experiment to see how high the price could be pushed. So if people still buy them at £1000 - try £2000.


Well how about making them 40p a packet. Not so cool then is it. I wonder how many people would then realise the worth of tobacco.

ps What a really shit habit/addiction tobacco is.




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6 hours ago, yootalkin2me said:

Not as shit a habit/addiction as alcohol.

Cool.  Addiction too trumps.

I tend to find the people with the least understanding of addiction and the most likely to mock those who smoke, drink or take drugs are the ones who can’t possibly function without their morning coffee and who would have a full on meltdown if they had to do without caffeine and/or sugar for a while.

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