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A costly jetski visit to the Isle of Man.


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11 hours ago, jeffvickers said:

IOM appears to be left alone by global policy makers at the moment. In the UK, we could'nt care less about Brexit, gritted roads, late buses and other insignificant stuff that once had meaning, till all our freedoms disappeared within 9 months

I call BS on that one...

I have family and friends in the UK and plenty of them have been commenting on Brexit, missed bin collections due to snow, roads not being gritted although I do agree that none of them has complained about late buses but as most of them are working from home now it is probably not a concern...

Fail to see what any of that has to do with the soundtrack to the movie adaptation of this story though.

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Thanks, that seems to be what I have. Clicking on the topic takes me to the very first post and clicking on the “3 minutes ago” (or whatever) takes me to the last post. I’m sure I used to have a setting that took me to the first unread post. 



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The picture of him at the sea terminal showed him carrying what seemed a very light rucksack compared to arrival plus if he was battling heavy seas his bobble hat would have been drenched wet, doesn’t look like that on photos entering Ramsey, also barehands in that weather for 4 hours I really don’t think so,  never mind his Bear Grylls walk to Douglas who nobody witnessed yet. 

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