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A costly jetski visit to the Isle of Man.


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On 4/12/2021 at 1:29 PM, The Chief said:

Embarrassing for the island that is even newsworthy.

It isn’t. It’s embarrassing for the cess pit known as the Mail Online.

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And the sequel. He had a lucky escape.

News from the courts




Two women have been jailed for eight months each for attacking a woman after forcing their way into her home.

Jessica Marguerita Radcliffe and Leanna Louise Bradley punched and kicked the woman while her children were upstairs in the house after driving from Douglas to Port Erin during lockdown, then kicking in her door.

Radcliffe then hit a police officer while the pair were being arrested.

She admitted offences of assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH), assaulting a police officer and property damage, while Bradley pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH), resisting arrest, and two counts of property damage.

Magistrates chair Michael Murley told the women: ’This was premeditated. The sole purpose of your journey was to carry out the attack. You forcibly entered a house where children were present. 

’The injuries caused were serious but it is fortunate they were not more serious.’

Radcliffe, who is 31 and lives at Cushag Road, Anagh Coar, previously made headlines around the world when a man claimed to have jet-skied to the island from Scotland to see her during a previous lockdown.

We previously reported that, on March 31, Radcliffe and Bradley, who is 33 and lives at Cronk Grianagh, Braddan, drove to Port Erin, to the home of the woman with whom Radcliffe had a long-running feud.

They had been exchanging insulting messages with the woman with a final message to her from one of them saying ’on my way’.

The victim said she did not know Bradley but had a previous dispute with Radcliffe.

At 9.46pm she called 999 and told police Radcliffe was ’kicking her door in’ and shouting: ’Scruff, get out here.’

The duo then forced their way into the house and were said to have grabbed the woman by the hair and punched and kicked her while her two children were in a bedroom with a female friend upstairs.

The woman said that Radcliffe then went into the bedroom and she heard her friend shouting: ’Get off him.’

Bradley was also said to have damaged the victim’s phone during the attack.

The woman suffered injuries to her head, arms, and back, and the phone damage was said to amount to £350.

The pair were then said to have confronted a police officer who arrived at the scene, with Radcliffe hitting him and grabbing him.

When interviewed Radcliffe answered ’no comment’ to questions.

Bradley told police she had been drinking and taking cocaine on the night in question.

She admitted throwing the phone and damaging it but said that Radcliffe had kicked the door in.

She said she had only driven to Port Erin on Radcliffe’s instruction and that she did not know the woman.

Bradley denied any assault in the interview but said that Radcliffe had punched the woman twice in the face.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood, representing Bradley, referred to a probation report which said that Bradley’s life had fallen apart after the death of her father.

Mr Wood said that she had made great efforts to turn things around and that immediate custody would not assist her in the long term.

The advocate said that Bradley had told her probation officer: ’I deserve prison. I’m too old to be behaving like this. My dad would’ve disowned me.’

Mr Wood asked the court to also consider the article eight human rights of his client’s three young children.

’Since matters arose she says she no longer goes out,’ said the advocate. ’She has been too embarrassed to go out and lost her employment as a result of her behaviour.’

Radcliffe was represented by Louise Cooil who also asked the court to consider the article eight human rights of her client’s children.

Ms Cooil said that the victim had called the police at 9.46pm and when they arrived at 9.55pm the assault was over so it had been a brief incident.

A probation report said that Radcliffe was no longer drinking alcohol.

Magistrates sentenced Bradley to eight months for the actual bodily harm, three months for resisting arrest, and one month for each of the property damage offences, all to run concurrently.

Radcliffe was sentenced to eight months for the ABH, three for the police assault, and one month for the property damage, all to run concurrently.

Magistrates chair Mr Murley said that, if it were not for the credit they received for their guilty pleas, they would have been committed to the Court of General Gaol Delivery for sentencing.

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