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General Thread for the election (old Electioneering starting early thread from Local News)

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Not so solid an effort from the Cabinet Office.  3FM has a story headed: Voters reminded to bring along polling cards

Voters in the Isle of Man's general Election this week are reminded to bring along their polling cards.

Ahead of the House of Keys General Election this week, voters are being reminded to take their polling cards with them to the polling station.

A spokesman said that those who have been nominated to place a proxy vote on behalf of another voter, will also be required to show ID.

Polling for the General Election will take place between 08:00 and 20:00 on 23rd September (Thursday).

This implies that if you don't bring along the polling card (or you haven't received one[1]) then you won't be able to vote.  This simply isn't true.  Their own Guidance for Voters makes this perfectly clear:

If you have registered to vote but have not received your polling card you are still entitled to vote.

Polling stations will be clearly signed and are open between the hours of 8am to 8pm on polling day, Thursday 23 September 2021.

When you arrive at your polling station you will be directed to a poll clerk who will mark your name off on the electoral register and give you your ballot paper. You do not have to take your poll card with you.

The Cabinet Office should correct this story and ask 3FM to issue it correctly.  Oddly enough Energy got the story more correct, though with the same misleading headline and lead.


[1]  Obviously the main reason you should worry if you haven't received a polling card by now is that you might have been missed off the Register.

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17 hours ago, cissolt said:

Some interesting comments on the Manx radio show, students were receiving abuse when trying to conduct exit polls?  Has anyone heard anything about this?

I would take a guess at Douglas East. They were there when I 'exited' but not there later on. Plus there are some shitty people in Douglas East.

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I'm admittedly one of them. I was actually going to say the above to the young lad who approached me with his clipboard. My vote is mine and it is private, cheeky whippersnapper asking me who I voted for! But I relented and told him who I voted for (well one of them, if I said the other, Declan may have somehow found out and trolled me to death)

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