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IOM Bank use lockdown to cut services more!!

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10 minutes ago, Mistercee said:

I understand that, but online banking does not avoid the need to deal with changes to officials and signatories in accordance with the regulations imposed by the FSA -there is no waiver of the KYC/ AML regulations for charity accounts. Perhaps if Government wants to do something constructive it should pass legislation giving such a waiver!!   

Is it right that charity accounts may be classed as high risk for AML?

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They don't. Have you ever tried going overdrawn? They'll rape you for every penny you're worth and not even wait until the account is back in credit until they do so. Every transaction you make w

Or it’s an anagram and they’re actually Karen B , that will be why Banker was complaining of all the Karen’s wanting a lock down, gives Karens a bad name.

I fucking hate the idea. I know you're keen but it's just shit really.

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8 minutes ago, Gladys said:

Is it right that charity accounts may be classed as high risk for AML?

As I understand it, each account should be subject to an individual risk assessment and that risk rating should then reflect the nature of the charity, the sources of income and how the money is spent. Certainly in the UK some charities that masquerade as religious / cultural organisations and send money overseas are regarded as high risk.   

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