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1 hour ago, Roger Mexico said:

I think there is more awareness about reporting of suicides among the media nowadays and they tend to downplay some aspects for fear of triggering a copycat effect among those who are already vulnerable.  So it will be less prominent and involve less speculation - and of course there's very little reporting of inquests nowadays anyway.

I've seen this about suicides in the last lockdown mentioned before, but no real evidence relating to it.  In any case using "suicides and attempted suicides" is problematic because we don't have figures for such things  -  and how do you classify and assess what is an attempted suicide?  We know that the 'normal' suicide rate for the Isle of Man is around 10 per 100,000 people (similar to England's) but not how many fail to kill themselves.

For what it's worth initial studies from around the world suggest that suicide rates did not increase with lockdown and may have even dropped in some places (though there may be a 'rebound' effect).

I was heavily involved in setting up Samaritans here, and Victim Support. 

I did the statistics for Sam’s from 1979 to 1986. That included examining  IOM statistics for suicide. 

The rates then were higher than UK average. But once you drilled down through the UK figures they were comparable to Islands and remote rural areas. 

There are lots of sociological reasons that can explain this.

Suicide is most likely to be reported/detected in small communities than in big cities is the most important one. There are likely to be fewer attributions in big city where friends, work mates  and family live a long way away. Yes, people on islands or rurally can be isolated, but it’s likely to be less so.

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