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TT 2022 ??


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3 hours ago, Youaintseenme said:

I love the TT but having just come over the mountain to get to work I can say I won’t be going near it again for a couple of weeks.

The police really need to crack down on people who ride (and drive) recklessly up there.

Fast is fine.  Stupidly fast and causing me to slam the anchors on in a fully loaded van is not.

The road is virtually certain to have been closed again by 19:00 tonight.

Me too, I know cars and bikes can handle the increased speeds since the sixties but in the event of an accident, the human body can not. 

2 hours ago, Derek Flint said:

It’s a fairground ride. Why this isn’t just accepted I don’t know? 

Close it, run it one way like the Nurburgring, with demarcated starts and separate car and bike sessions. 

Yes, but one or the other, some people over estimate their skills. I think most people just want to ride around the course at an acceptable speed. Others imagine that they are the next big thing and endanger themselves and everyone else!

2 hours ago, ManxTaxPayer said:

There does seem to be an almost unhealthy appetite for scouts in the grandstand area. It's a bit weird if you ask me. 

No Scouts this year, their leaders can't be bothered, so you can stand down!

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4 minutes ago, Max Power said:

No Scouts this year, their leaders can't be bothered, so you can stand down!

Can't be bothered doing what, standing around looking, err, scouty? There's nothing for them to do is there?

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Posted (edited)

where has the old mountain road closed thread got to from 2019 ?  i can't be arsed looking for it but we could do with it already going by the signs saying mountain road closed ( maybe just putting the cones out though ?  )

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