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TT 2022 ??


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37 minutes ago, AOR said:

I think you do know.
If a large influx of visitors resulted in a correspondingly higher crime rate then it looks bad on the TT as a whole.

The figures show that the local dickheads are on a high too and there are more people to act like a dick in front of.

A typical example, 25 years ago, I remember seeing a 16 year old scrawny wee shite from a well known estate in Douglas egging on a burger van queue of visiting bikers to "come and 'ave a go, I'll take the fookin' lorrof yas on".

He was met with bemused and amused stares, from the mostly 6 foot+ Germans

I see the guy around these days. He's a grandad and relatively respectable. I will pick my moment to remind him of the day. 

Grandad at 41 ?

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16 minutes ago, wrighty said:

We know you’re a late starter, but 41 is not that unusual I don’t think. 

Girl from my class @ Albert Road was a great granny at 59


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Bit of a 'Bitch Fest' here today!

There's a headline on Manx Radio from a Hickman, saying ''Use your head on the Islands roads''!!! I don't think that that is the right message? Just the opposite I would think! 😃

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2 minutes ago, cheesypeas said:

They don't have the official airport figures do they smart arse?

There are much less flights and much less routes than there were in 2019. The airport figures are obviously going to be down as there are less scheduled flights. 

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