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TT 2022 ??


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44 minutes ago, Max Power said:

Speed is pretty subjective, going fast doesn't have to mean recklessness. I don't think anyone expected an incident like that to occur, they always did use a TM to fetch riders back, that was the procedure that had been followed and was well known by all concerned, riders, marshals, car drivers etc.   

History has proven otherwise. Sadly.

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2 hours ago, TomTucker said:

its important to get fresh eyes on a scene. If you witness crash even as a bystander your capacity for rational thought is not optimal. A travelling marshal or course inspection team can take charge as they arrive with a resolution mindset. 

I've been marshalling for over 10 years and we've had quite a few "offs" , sadly including two fatals . The TM , on arrival , is then in charge. The occupants of the course inspection car  have never taken charge and have seldom even turned up and/or stopped other than to pick  up  retired  riders to return them to the grandstand. :flowers: . I see no reason for a course/VIP car to have a 'blast' around the course.


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8 minutes ago, slinkydevil said:

Cool, might have a go. How hard can it be?!

Get your National licence first. Join the Andreas Racing Association, apply for your licence and start racing as a novice.  A full season should get you your license. But then, you’ll need to go across to get your international licence. And you’ll need to finish in the top three of a certain amount of races (it was a long time ago - I can’t remember how many). After hat you can claim your international licence and sign up! 

You might also need to buy a bike.

You did know that, didn’t you? 

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12 minutes ago, Two-lane said:

I think that comment was an outrageous attempt to make people turn purple in annoyance. Thankfully no-one saw fit to rise to the bait.

Decapitation is quite common in the TT, far more than people realise.

It is described as a "serious head injury" in the coroners report



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